Free Home Delivery

We understand the busy day and travelling difficulties, just send us your prescription and your medicines will be delivered to you at your door steps.

COIVD-19 Vaccine

We are booking clients first come first serve basis. Contact us to book your earliest possible appointment for COVID-19 vaccine.


Our Pharmacist provides high quality healthcare professional guidance to your medication through private and confidential counselling sessions.

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We understand sometimes it is difficult to travel due to various circumstances, specially during this COVID-19 pandemic situation. Just send us your prescription via email or call us, and your medicines will be delivered to your door step on same day.

Travel Health

Are you looking for a travel health care advise ?

Medic-x Pharmacy has pharmacist who are health specialist, can be consulted for all pre-travel health advice.


Our Pharmacist are well trained and experienced in administrating the vast majority of vaccinations that you may need for your particular need. Please provide us with some preliminary information about your travel plans.

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